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Console Application Builds, But Will Not Run

While doing some testing recently, I created a new bog standard console application and, on pressing F5, nothing happened.

The project builds fine, but wouldn’t launch the console window.

Why (and how to fix)?

Well, I had installed the Azure Service Bus Client. Other than that, I can’t really say; however, the fix does kind of make sense:

Uncheck the “Prefer 32-bit” checkbox, and it all springs back to life!

Command-line start-up arguments that contain paths

Recently I was working on a console app; my start-up arguments looked like this:


ArgumentOne “c:\tmp\” “c:\tmp2”

And I got an error with the following code:

string argumentone = args[0];
string sourceDir = args[1];
string destinationDir = args[2];

Turns out that the \” escapes the final quote of the second argument, and so the third line crashes because there were only two arguments. The fix is simple:

ArgumentOne “c:\tmp” “c:\tmp2”

Console Games – Catch – Part 1

I’ve written a series of posts based on teaching programming to children (specifically my 9 year old children). Currently, we’ve managed to produce a snake game, but we’re also working on a “Catch” game. This is a game whereby things drop from the top of the game screen, and the player must “Catch” them.

Before starting, it’s worth refering back to my first post for the basis of the game.

The initial set-up is the same; the difference for this game will mainly be that the player can only either move left, or right:

private static bool AcceptInput()
    if (!Console.KeyAvailable)
        return false;

    ConsoleKeyInfo key = Console.ReadKey();

    switch (key.Key)
        case ConsoleKey.LeftArrow:
        case ConsoleKey.RightArrow:

    return true;

Additionally, I’ve used a more bucket-like drawing for this game:

private static void DrawScreen()
    Console.SetCursorPosition(_left, _top);

The main function and variables look like this still (the only change being the default for top, which should resolve to the height of the screen – 0, 0 being the top left):

private static int _left = 0;
private static int _top = Console.WindowHeight - 1;

static void Main(string[] args)
    Console.CursorVisible = false;
    while (true)
    if (AcceptInput())

So, now we have a basis, the “bucket” moves along the bottom of the screen. The next task is to introduce the “falling things”.