I’m a software developer living in Derbyshire.

I’m interest in all aspects of software engineering, and you’ll see me post about pretty much everything here; although I do have a particular interest in Cloud Computing and games at the minute.

Please feel free to leave comments or contact me.

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  1. steven davies (from work)

    Hi Paul,

    LinkedIn sent me a note that you written an article so I had a mooch round your posts and noticed you’re doing some game coding with the kids. I started writing Tetris in C# (I needed some revision) yesterday with one of my kids. I’ve got a screen shot but I can’t attach it to this,


  2. hathor

    Hey Paul,

    I really appreciate your blog. I recently got my MG game published to Windows Store. Right now it requires a mouse, but I want to add touch support without having to maintain a completely separate version. Seeing as it is taking them like 5 days to process submissions, it gets really frustrating dealing with various things so I was wondering if I could pick your brain on some stuff. I tried to add touch support to an android port but was having some problems with the drag and drop code (which I wrote from scratch).

    My game is “A Friendly Game of Solitaire” which you can download the desktop version here: https://itch.io/game/keys/72956

    I wrote the game and game engine pretty much from scratch and released a lot of the code to the public domain here: https://github.com/SoundGoddess/OpenSolitaire

    I don’t know if you care about making card-style games or not but I’m happy to walk you through getting up and running with my card game engine in exchange for you helping me figure out the WinStore stuff. My engine is pretty cool because you basically can just focus on the rules of the game and not have to worry about all the frustratingly complicated stuff like z-indexing and tweening and stacking and such.

    Plus you seem like a cool person I would like to get to know better. I couldn’t find your email address so if you could please write me back I would greatly appreciate it. Would love to be able to talk shop. 🙂

    1. pcmichaels Post author

      Thanks for your comment. Sorry, I’m not completely sure what the question is. I’m afraid I can’t really comment (usefully) on Android, as I’ve done very little Java code myself.

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