MVVM Light CanExecute Command – Re-evaluate en-mass

MVVM Light CanExecute doesn’t work for commands The following code in MVVM light does not work: That is, the bound command will not update. Even if the changed `canExecute` raises property changed. Raise it manually So, the way to fix this is as follows: Which works fine. However, what if you have 10 commands, and […]

Implementing a call to search using MVVM Light

I recently started using the MVVM Light framework to create an app. One of the first things that I found tripped me up was trying to link the ViewModel functionality with the visual interface. After a little more searching than should be necessary I came across the concept of commands. Basically, thos allows you to […]

MVVM Cross Basics – Navigating Using Commands

I’m quite new to MVVM Cross. I thought I’d start another series of posts on my progress (I haven’t forgotten about the others). Especially where I haven’t found as much documentation as I’d like. My latest project is a game written using the MVVM Cross framework; it’s not a shoot-em-up or an action game, but […]

Unit Testing an MVVM RelayCommand

The RelayCommand is an excellent way to communicate between a view and View Model in MVVM without creating a link to a specific instance of either. However; one problem that I recently encountered when using these was: how are they unit tested. Take the following piece of code (taken from This is instantiated here: […]

UWP using Unity and EF Core and Sqlite

If you intent to use IoC with a UWP application, there are a lot of options. Most of them come with MVVM packages, like MVVM Cross. These are excellent packages – I’ve used MVVM Cross and MVVM Light myself and can highly recommend them. However, if you didn’t want all that baggage, how would you […]

Windows Tile Updater (Part 4 – rationalise the code)

From Part 3 of this tutorial, we finished with a small program running on both Windows 8.1 and Phone 8. It shared most of its business logic, but replicated the XAML. It had an ugly even handler to deal with the single action that it performed. In this post, I’m going to attempt to change […]

Implementing single cell copy and full row Item Selection in WPF DataGrid

Recently, I came across a strange problem with a DataGrid while using the MVVM-Light pattern. The problem was that I needed to implement two, seemingly similar pieces of functionality: 1. To copy any given cell in the data grid 2. To search the database, based on a specific piece of data in the selected row […]