MVVM Cross Upgrade to 4.2.2

Coming back to MVVMCross and trying to create a new project, I found that some of the documentation available for the new version (4.2.2 at the time of writing this) is no longer correct; for example, the ToDo file in the sample projects still looks like this: The steps to get this Store UI working […]

MVVM Cross – Stubbing out IMvxMainThreadDispatcher with RhinoMocks

This article describes how to stub out the IMvxMainThreadDispatcher, used by MVVM Cross, using Rhino Mocks. Here is an excellent article on unit testing in MVVM Cross. In it, Stuart Lodge describes a manual mock to replace the `IMvxMainThreadDispatcher`. I’ve recently started using RhinoMocks again, and the following is basically the manual mock described in […]

MVVM Cross – Creating a New Plug-in

This is quite a straightforward process, and well documented in several places – including here and here; and the sample that I used to create mine (and this tutorial) is here. However, I couldn’t find a step-by-step tutorial in a single place. So this is pretty much for my future self. Disclaimer(s) This only applies […]

MVVM Cross MvxStorePage Missing for 3.2.1

Recently I upgraded from MVVMCross 3.1.1 to 3.2.1 and everything broke. The reason was that suddenly, the MvxStorePage was unavailable. After downloading the latest MVVMCross source, I found it safe and well: So – the page was still there in Cirrious.MvvmCross.WindowsStore.Views, but NuGet was no longer referencing its assembly: Cirrious.MvvmCross.WindowsStore.dll I posted this question. And […]

Creating and Binding to a User Control in MVVM Cross

While creating my game, I recently came across the problem of navigation. This post describes how to create a custom user control and react to the event inside. The usual disclaimer still applies here; although this is an MVVM Cross post, the contents of it should be applicable for any MVVM Framework or, in fact, […]

MVVM Cross Visibility Plugin

A quick forward: there is nothing in this post that isn’t already published here: In this post I referred to a BooleanToVisibilityConverter Windows Store implementation for MVVM Cross. The approach that I outlined in the post will definitely work; however, it will mean re-writing the converter for each platform. So, this post corrects that […]

Unit Testing Methods With Random Elements (in MVVM Cross)

Okay, quick spoiler for this: you can’t. You can’t, not really; obviously, you can write the test, but unit tests should be predictive, and a random element should not. Solution I imagine there are a few ways of solving this. The way shown in this post is specific to MVVM cross, but should work with […]

MVVM Cross Basics – Passing Complex Parameters During Navigation

Having covered basic navigation, I found that I needed to pass my game state from view-model to view-model. I initially thought that I could simply do this as follows: The code for ViewModel2: Anyway, it turns out you can’t. Init does get fired, but if you pass anything more complex than a string, it just […]

MVVM Cross Basics – Navigating Using Commands

I’m quite new to MVVM Cross. I thought I’d start another series of posts on my progress (I haven’t forgotten about the others). Especially where I haven’t found as much documentation as I’d like. My latest project is a game written using the MVVM Cross framework; it’s not a shoot-em-up or an action game, but […]