Converting an existing Windows Store App to a new one

I recently decided to create a new Windows Store app, that was very similar to one that I’d already created; I decided that it would be a quick task to adapt the existing application and publish under a new name.

Since this is not completely pain free, here are some of the errors and fixes.

The first thing I did was to change the Package name, under the assumption that this would need to be associated with my new application:


When I did so, I got the following error:

The Name attribute of the Identity element in the app manifest must have the Package name value of the selected app: …

I then tried selecting a new test certificate; which results in the following error:

The Publisher attribute of the Identity element in the app manifest must have the value of the Publisher ID value from your developer account: CN=1AAAAAAA-XXXX-YYYY-XXXX-ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Both of these fields are generated when publishing to the store, and I finally realised that the fix was to delete the XML file:


When you publish this to the store, these fields will be re-populated, and the StoreAssociation.xml file regenerated.

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