Console Games – Snake – Part 1

Based on this earlier post, we had a working console game. Admittedly it doesn’t do much, apart from allow you to move a star around the screen. In order to turn this into a snake game, the first thing to do is to no longer clear the screen:

        private static void DrawScreen()
            Console.SetCursorPosition(_left, _top);

That gives us a snake – but you might notice that when you move left, it doesn’t ‘trail’. There is a possible workaround (albeit, not massively efficient – although remember that this is a game with the purpose of teaching programming).

First, create a struct to hold the position:

        private struct Position
            public int left;
            public int top;

This obviously could be a class. Next, create a list of these:

        private static List<Position> points = new List<Position>();

Here’s what the `AcceptInput` function looks like with the changes:

        private static bool AcceptInput()
            if (!Console.KeyAvailable)
                return false;

            ConsoleKeyInfo key = Console.ReadKey();

            Position currentPos;
            if (points.Count != 0)
                currentPos = points.Last();
                currentPos = GetStartPosition();

            switch (key.Key)
                case ConsoleKey.LeftArrow:
                case ConsoleKey.RightArrow:
                case ConsoleKey.UpArrow:
                case ConsoleKey.DownArrow:



            return true;

        private static Position GetStartPosition()
            return new Position()
                left = 0,
                top = 0

But what about the tail

In traditional snake, the last element is removed each iteration, unless you `eat` something. Doing it the above way lends itself to this more easily. I’ll tackle that for the next post.

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